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Our Purpose

The business environment in Cambodia is rapidly changing. A new generation of leaders, with contemporary business skills and a global perspective, is creating enterprises that are visionary, innovative, socially responsible, and sustainable. The mission of the Leadership Academy for Small and Medium Enterprises (LA-SME) is to enhance the leadership abilities of both new and experienced entrepreneurs by providing learning opportunities that address the specific development needs of clients.

What We Offer

  • Executive MBA in SME Leadership 
  • Short Courses
  • Diploma Programs
  • International Study Tours for Business Executives

All programs are offered in English, using experiential learning design, and focusing on practical skills development. Our trainers, executive coaches, and graduate instructors are international experts in the fields of business, communications, customer service, digital business, economics, finance, human resource management, information technology, leadership, marketing, organizational development, strategic planning, sustainability, and teamwork. Creativity, personal mastery, and social responsibility are emphasized across all of our offerings. Programs may be customized to the needs of the client.

Short courses, study tours, and diploma programs will be awarded a certificate or diploma and also may be awarded academic credit, which can be transferred, within three years of completion, into the Executive MBA in SME Leadership. Learning experiences may be accumulated as follows:

Short Course        ----->           Diploma Program     ----->        MBA in SME Leadership

          or International                           (4 short courses                                 (45 credits)

            Study Tour                                    in a series --                           = Master’s Degree

(3 credits +                                    12 credits +

 Certificate)                                     Diploma)

Our Partners

LA-SME works with a growing network of international partners to offer programs in remote, in-person, and hybrid formats. Current partners include:

  • Chonnam National University School of Business, South Korea
  • Institute of Positive Psychology, Sweden
  • International University (IU) of Social Sciences, Germany
  • Lead Design, USA
  • Leadership Enterprises, USA
  • Life Academy, Sweden
  • Tonic Teaching, Belgium and Spain


Our Trainers, Executive Coaches, and Graduate Instructors 

  • Muhammad Ashfaq, PhD, MBA, Germany
  • Sébastien de Beauffort, MSc, Belgium
  • Jae-Hoon (Jeff) Choi, PhD, MBA, USA
  • Francine Deutsch, PhD, USA
  • Daniel Ferreira, MA, Portugal
  • Evelina Fredriksson, MA, USA
  • Javier Gonzalez, MBA, MA, Belgium and Spain
  • Susan Hagadorn, EdD, MPA, USA
  • Christophe B. Horvath, MA, ABD, Belgium and Thailand
  • Moon Taek Kwon, PhD, MBA, MSc, South Korea and USA
  • Carole Leland, PhD, USA
  • Pahlaj Moolio, PhD, M.Phil, MSc, Pakistan and Bangladesh
  • Timothy R. Skaggs, MA, MSOB, ABD, USA
  • Ki Hyoung Son, PhD, MBA, USA
  • Trevor S. Suter, DBA, Wales and USA
  • Jeffrey Weber, PhD, MBA, USA


For more Information, please contact:


            Susan Hagadorn, EdD, MPA

            Dean, Leadership Academy for SME


            H/P or Telegram: +855 17 957 161